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EA Game Battlefiled-- Assault

This is the Dragon Vally Battle. I played as an assault. Below are the sequent I shot an enamy with my M16 A2.

One special kit of assault is the M203, grenade shooter. Player can use this effectively with soldiers. It better than thowing the grenade because it can shoot more far.

I shot this guy before he will kill my friend.

After jumped out from the tank, this guy was shot by my M203.

But it won't effect to the tank like this. You may need to shoot it at least 4 or 5 times to destroy it!

I killed this guy first and....
Then the medic come to help him. both of them were killed.

Fry high....

Assault has M203 has the weak point. It also wearing thick armour that makes it dificult to be killed but it will make him move slowly.